Aurora Day School

Providing A Resilient Future for Exceptional Students

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  • FAQ
  • Relationships

    • Relationships – Having safe, supportive relationships outside of negative influences.
  • Creativity

    • Creativity – Considering a wide range of options to deal with the problems facing you.
  • Initiative

    • Initiative – Taking charge of one’s problems and exerting control when possible.
  • Independence

    • Independence – The ability and willingness to draw boundaries between self and others.
  • Resiliency

    • Resiliency – The ability to recover (bounce back) from tough situations.
  • Insight

    • Insight – The ability and willingness to reflect on tough circumstances.
  • Morality

    • Morality – A strong sense of conscience that extends to maintaining concerns for others.
  • Humor

    • Humor – Finding the comic in the tragic.

Welcome To Aurora Day School!

Serving students in grades K through 12 with exceptional cognitive, academic or behavioral needs.


Our Mission

"To provide a safe, caring, therapeutic, and academic environment where students develop resilient skills and character necessary to build successful futures."


Welcome to the Aurora Day School website! I hope you will find that it reflects our passion for the special needs  students we serve and that it is a useful resource for you.   If you are seeking a specialized academic program for your child, you will find extensive information about our academic services and resiliency based positive behavior program which will help you determine if enrollment at Aurora Day School is in the best interest of your student.

The foundation of our therapeutic program is to empower students to implement resiliency skills coupled with a structured environment of positive behavior management. Using the extensive research done on resiliency in the last twenty years, our goal is to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of exceptional children. By helping them learn the core traits of resiliency, they build social competence, problem-solving  skills, increase their self-reliance, and encourage their sense of purpose and future.  All of our staff receive on-going training in the Resiliency Model and incorporate it into every facet of the day-to-day program.

Nothing gives us greater joy than to see the lasting positive results our program has on the hearts and minds of our students, in and out of school.  We are honored to be a part of their lives.



Brian Shipman

Brian Shipman, M.ED
Director of Education

Addy going OVER THE EDGE for Autism Speaks!  
Certificate of Recognition

Recognized By Arizona Department of Education

The Arizona Department of Education/Exceptional Student Services distributed a detailed survey to the school districts who place students in special education day schools.  The intent of the survey was to provide feedback to the Dept. of Education and ultimately back to the private day schools about pertinent aspects of the private day schools' program. Aurora Day School was VERY pleased to receive a Certificate of Recognition from the Dept. of Education/Exceptional Student Services for achieving a high level of satisfaction from the participating school districts.